House of Hope

We are a non-profit organization founded in June 2009

House of Hope

We are a non-profit organization founded in June 2009

We are a non-profit organization (NPO 081-734)

From the beginning the main goal of “House of Hope” (house of hope) was to give at least one meal a day to the many poor children of Kranshoek.

Kranshoek is a village just outside Plettenberg Bay (South Africa), where people live in very poor homes, unemployment and poverty often lead to problems related to alcohol abuse, drugs and domestic violence. Those who pay the consequences are the children, who barely have enough to eat, denied with the possibility of a scholastic formation and consequently the lack of future prospects derives from this.

Initially, once a day from Monday to Friday, some children of the poorest families received a hot meal, prepared in a private kitchen by volunteers, for many children this was the only hot meal of the day. Since 2013, thanks to the donations of our numerous supporters, around 300 children are being kept in a new building, built with ecological material, which allows them to eat, protected from the cold and rain.

Maria, who devotes her life to the aid project with some friends, works actively on site, the project is supported by Michela and Mirko Martinelli from Ticino. They both live in Plettenberg Bay.

The additional new training project “Future” allows 13 young people to undertake an apprenticeship in the following professions:

1 mechanic (Logan D. Jones)
4 kindergarten teachers (Carleigh Jone ‘Baartman / Maxime Solmons / Monicia Monique Jonkerman / Akifa De Bruin)
1 cook (Zayno Mario Luiters)
1 hairdresser (Tameron Andria Arendse)
1 beauty specialist (Grecheon Martin)
4 baker / pastry chef (Danielle Windvogel / Juanita Van Rooyen / Lucinda Martens / Nonzala Jansen)
1 university education in business management (Aricha Plaatjies)

The first boy, Zayno Mario Luiters, received his diploma as a cook at the NQtac School in George.

The other apprentices complete their basic education in 2020.

In this context, House of Hope employs two trainers who help the apprentices with a modest salary.

Donations to the association House of Hope are used exclusively for the children and adolescents of Kranshoek. All the helpers involved in the project work free of charge (except for the two local trainers). Those responsible for the non-profit organization in Switzerland and South Africa are also volunteers, for them the greatest reward is to see the smile on the children’s faces.


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